Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Don't You Think It's Funny When...

This week I have made some krazy observations about the way people treat each other. So when I say this stuff is funny to me, I mean that some of these situations do make me giggle while others just boggle my mind. You sort it out.

My apologies to those who've found themselves in the pieces below.

  1. People delete you on FB, then add you back, but you never noticed they were gone. Last time I checked, social networking relationships are purely optional. I don't want to be on your friends' list unless you want me there.
  2. Someone blames you for doing something THEY did and think you're going to cover for them. This happened at a place I won't mention... but here's a clue. It's starts and ends with "ch." UR in between the "ch's". Get it?
  3. You're told what you can't do by someone less qualified. Our silly, but well-meaning associates can't see past the day. Don't let them speak into your future.
  4. An apology you receive is heartfelt, but a lie or seriously skewed. People can filter your intentions through their own. So while I think I'm enjoying a nice evening with someone I think is a friend, he thinks I'm trying to tie him down and make him marry me so he can help raise my kids. I thought women got carried away in their fantasies... This is foolishness.
  5. A person of the opposite sex gets nervous because they think you like them, but you're really just being kind. This is an official notice to all my FB & Twitter male associates. I don't want a single one of you outside of the relationship/association we currently have. That is all. If I'm nice to you, just be nice in return.
  6. The same sermon is being preached in church in different ways, but NO ONE hears the message because everyone's shouting. Thus no change takes place. Ok...maybe that's not funny. Wonder who needs to make the change here? Lord, if you could just change me...
  7. Someone begs for your company, but obviously feels the need to compete with you, i.e., talks about their strengths like you have none, tries to look better than you (good luck with that), knows more than you all of a sudden. Insecurity breeds loneliness. You shall not have any more of my time.
  8. No one wants to celebrate your success even if it means success for them as well. You don't have to believe God for me. I have enough faith for both of us.
  9. The same person you can confide in when times are tough may not be the person to have dinner and a friendly conversation with. (Yes, I know this sentence is not grammatically correct, but this is a conversational blog.)
  10. People think you're supposed to be jealous. Of? My destiny is in God. Top that!
Do I sound a little cocky?? Yeah, I feel it. But perhaps I'm just discovering the value of a person and true relationship, at whatever level it may be. Let's stop making people more than they are. While one person who's mentioned above is close to me, the others have shown me their impression of my worth. I can choose to agree and accept unkindness and mistreatment, or put them in their proper place... which is outside of my daily life and conversation.

Anything that detracts from a person's self worth is a lie. If you believe a lie, you empower the liar. Even if a person means well (as in #3 & #4), the lie cannot stand. Tell them the truth of the matter, dismiss their silliness, and carry on unaffected by their lack of understanding.

I'm one step further from the kraziness rhough people try so hard to keep me there. Ah well... such is life! Somebody pray for me. I'm sure I'll receive a little backlash from this post.

Sometimes you've just got to laugh to keep from crying...

Your cybersister,


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lower Your Expectations: The Unwritten Dating Rules for Summer 2011

Everybody's got the bug! Summertime, hot as it may be, has us wanting to find a (not-so) special someone with which we'd like to enjoy the season's pleasures. In our desperate attempts to find the right match-up, we put up with less than the best.

Having chatted with some of my friends, male and female, here are some of the WORST unwritten (until now) rules of dating that have been displayed or said.

  1. You must have a pic to send me on-demand. And if I sext you, you sext back... no questions asked.
  2. I will classify you as boo, friend, homie, etc. I reserve the right to demote you without notice.
  3. I will romantically invite you out on a whim, but eventually I will disappear on you at regular intervals. You aren't the only one I'm entertaining.
  4. When I tell you that I love you, believe me even though you know I'm full of crap. "Real talk..."
  5. After some time away from you, I will text "I miss you." The proper response will be "I miss you too."
  6. I'm going to say hateful things to you via text and chat, but put an LOL or LLC on the end... That means you can't get mad.
  7. I will end the relationship, unofficially, when I find someone who will give it up, but I'll still text and call you in case that doesn't work out. He/she doesn't have to know.
  8. I'm only going to call late at night when my other boos aren't available. That's the best time to convince you to give me what I want.
  9. Expect to hear from me before your time of prayer and worship. You're feeling most forgiving during those times. I will also text you on generic holidays, but I'm going to forget your birthday on purpose... too expensive.
  10. Even though I know you will be done with me before long, I'm going to comment on all your photos and status updates to make sure you don't forget about me.
  11. Don't try to delete me from your phone or any social networking site. I will find out, become indignant, and harrass you elsewhere. 
  12. When all is said and done, I will self-righteously and angrily tell you all your faults and then delete you from my phone... but I've still got your email. If you ever text me, I will respond "Who is this?"
So what do you do with a person who displays such an attitude of entitlement? BLOCK! DELETE! RUN! HIDE! UNFOLLOW! DEFRIEND!

Whatever you have to do, get away! Any person who has such a sense of entitlement will only make you weary in the end.

Besides, if you're going to the beach, why take sand?

I'm coming out of krazy and staying out by avoiding those with skewed values... Here's to hoping you'll join me!